History of Wattza and LS Tech+

Frustrated and disappointed that the power meters on the cycling market are too expensive and complicated to install, Loïc Sanschagrin-Thouin decided in 2018 to correct this injustice by launching the ambitious challenge of creating from scratch a new device to measure power. It is also the perfect project to combine his passion for cycling and sport. His ultimate goal? Democratizing Watts by bike of course! Graduated in electrical engineering from the Polytechnic School of Montreal (class 141), the young entrepreneur then brought together several university colleagues to develop a first prototype. In the summer of 2019, he and his technical team presented a first model at a launch in Chambly.

  • Loïc Sanschagrin-Thouin

    Founding President

  • The LS Tech technical team during the presentation of a preliminary prototype of the Wattza™.

It is also in this year that the company LS Tech+ is registered as a joint-stock company. The first 2 letters of the company represent the initials of the founder and the "Tech+" reflects the company's mission to always seek new technologies to meet the needs of athletes of all levels. Since 2019, the company has multiplied collaborations with higher education establishments ( Polytechnique Montréal, UdeS, INEDI, Concordia and others), engineering firms ( Philomec and Élabore ) and strategic consultants ( DEL, Espace-inc, CNCB, INS cycle coaches ) for the technical advancement of its product. All of these steps were necessary to offer a more affordable sensor that transfers from one bike to another without replacing any parts on it. The name Wattza™ was chosen to embody Watts, the unit of power, and form both a catchy and dynamic name. Say Wattza™ out loud and you'll feel it!

At the end of 2022, LS Tech+ invites the cycling community to reserve their Wattza™ units during a Crowdfunding campaign. The operation, carried out on the Ruche QC platform, is a success! More than $25,000 in pre-orders and donations were collected to launch the first production of products. The sensors will be delivered in July 2023. In short, we have been striving for almost 5 years to support cyclists curious to know their performance. We intend to revolutionize cycling training in our own way.
Let's democratize the Watts!

Crowdfunding Campaign

Our crowdfunding campaign on the Ruche QC platform was a success!

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Our 3 main principles

Refuse the status quo

We refuse to do like the others and we make it our duty to think outside the box. An LS Tech+ product is an innovative product that offers something never seen before.

uplift people

Our challenges are enormous and very ambitious. We will make sure to offer our employees and collaborators tasks that will force them not only to work very hard, but also to rack their brains to come out stronger and prouder. The same goes for the products we offer to our customers.

Let's go under the blows

We suffer setbacks and defeats like everyone else. We always find a way to get up to achieve our ends.